Battery Storage Basics

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The Battery Storage Basics course empowers you with the basic knowledge and insights to build up your understanding of the importance and working principles of battery technologies.


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Module 1 - Introduction to Batteries

  • Batteries in the energy context
  • Batteries from different perspectives
  • Origins and relevance
  • Components of a single cell
  • Series-parallel connection
  • Components of a battery system
  • Classification of batteries
  • Battery selection

Module 2 - Current Battery Technologies

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Lead-Acid batteries
  • Primary batteries
  • Reserve batteries
  • Flow batteries
  • Sodium-beta batteries
  • Nickel-based batteries
A basic understanding of electricity is required.
You learn with a digital and interactive learning management system that provides the materials for a seminar. You have access to learning modules and sequences, links and other files. This enables a proven basis for location-independent and effective learning.
This course is beneficial for anyone interested in developing their knowledge of battery storage basics and battery storage technologies.
3 months access to all learning content, flexible time management possible
Duration: 14 learning hours
Number of lessons: 15 Flyer

This course will empower you to:

  • Recognise the current and historical importance of batteries
  • List the components of any generic electrochemical cell and battery system and describe its functionality
  • List basic specifications of a battery from cell specifications and a particular series-parallel arrangement
  • Describe common considerations when selecting a battery
  • Summarise current battery technologies in terms of working principles, main characteristics, advantages, and limitations

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