Battery Storage Value Chain

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The Battery Storage Value Chain course gives you a rock-solid overview and understanding of the full battery value chain, production processes, and end-of-life scenarios.

This course will empower you to:

  • Understand the battery industry value chain
  • Identify the main challenges of raw materials extraction, supply, and options for end-of-life batteries
  • Design a process flow for the production of a Li-ion battery cell
  • Describe each step of production of a Li-ion battery cell and discuss its function and challenges
  • Appraise the main challenges faced by large-scale production of Li-ion batteries concerning supply chain and manufacturing process
  • Discuss the importance of recycling for a circular battery value and pinpoint the relevant steps


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Module 1 - Battery Storage Raw Materials

  • Raw materials
  • How is lithium extracted?

Module 2 - Production and Manufacturing of Batteries

  • The battery supply chain step by step
  • Battery manufacturing process

Module 3 - From Materials to Battery Cells

  • Vocabulary
  • Electrochemical cell: the elementary building block of a battery
  • Porous electrodes
  • EMF, energy and measurable voltage of a cell
  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Lithium-insertion materials
  • Synthesis of Lithium-insertion materials
  • Cell design for lithium-ion batteries
  • Slurry formulation and mixing
  • Electrode coating
  • Electrode drying and calendering
  • Electrolyte & separator
  • Cell assembly (glove-box and dry-room steps)
  • Formation cycles                                        

Module 4 - Batteries end-of-life: Reuse and Recycling

  • Reuse of batteries
  • EV batteries for stationary energy storage
  • Battery recycling- General overview
  • Battery recycling- Physical processingBattery recycling- Hydrometallurgical processing
A basic general background knowledge on chemistry and the energy system is required.
You learn with a digital and interactive learning management system that provides the materials for a seminar. You have access to learning modules and sequences, links and other files. This enables a proven basis for location-independent and effective learning.
This course is beneficial for professionals interested in understanding the process and value behind each step of the battery storage value chain.
3 months access to all learning content, flexible time management possible
Duration: 15 learning hours
Number of lessons: 25 Flyer
  • This course will empower you to:
  • Get a big-picture perspective of the battery storage value chain from raw materials to second life and recycling
  • Get insights into current innovations in battery storage
  • Understand different battery storage solutions - potential, applications, and benefits
  • Explore business models and market evolution in battery storage
  • Get an understanding of new opportunities, market dynamics, and challenges

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