Energy Systems Integration - an Introduction

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This course has been designed as an introduction to the integration and regulation of different energy systems. You will learn how energy vectors - fuels, electricity, and heating - interact and how to find added value at the interfaces between them. You’ll also build insights into the ways in which energy systems connect to other infrastructures, such as data networks, water, and transportation systems. And you will learn about how consumer psychology and society have a role in building a more sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy system.


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Module 1

  • Introduction to energy systems integration
  • Coupling of energy vectors

Module 2

  • Coupling across geographical scales
  • Coupling of regulation and control mechanisms

Module 3

  • Coupling of other infrastructures
  • The integrated energy system: putting it all together

Module 4

  • Case study 1: GE and energy systems integration
  • Case study 2: Integration of renewable energy resources
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This course is beneficial for anyone who wants to understand the importance of the global energy transition. You will learn how energy systems integration impacts their life, their business, or their research. It is an awareness course.
3 months access to all learning content, flexible time management possible
Duration: 8 learning hours
Number of lessons: 8 Flyer

This course empowers you to:

  • Understand energy vector coupling in real-life scenarios
  • Get knowledge of how energy systems interact with water, transportation, and data networks
  • Get insight into the interplay between the energy consumer and energy systems

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