Energy Systems Transformation

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This course explores the implications of the evolution of our power system into decentralised, digitalised and secure power exchange platforms which are more sustainable, cost efficient and end-user focused.


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  • Module 1: Introduction to energy system transformation
  • Module 2: Integration of local energy sources and coupling to upstream grid market
  • Module 3: Energy digitalisation
  • Module 4: Investment scenarios, business models, and relevant policy frameworks
A basic understanding of the energy system is required.
You learn with a digital and interactive learning management system that provides the materials for a seminar. You have access to learning modules and sequences, links and other files. This enables a proven basis for location-independent and effective learning.
This course is beneficial for professionals and postgraduate academics with energy, business, financial, economic and engineering backgrounds, but also anyone interested in developing their knowledge of energy transformation.
3 months access to all learning content, flexible time management possible
Duration: 11 learning hours
Number of lessons: 22 Flyer

This course will empower you to:

  • Have an overview of the transformation from centralised to local energy systems
  • Get insight into current developments and future innovation in the transformation of the energy system
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the trends and opportunities in energy transformation
  • Understand relevant legislative implications
  • Understand how to spot new opportunities, understand market dynamics and anticipate future challenges

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