Materials to Electrodes

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This course provides a deep yet simple explanation of the operational principles of a rechargeable battery. It spotlights the importance and discusses the fundamentals of the electrochemical cell. Specific attention is directed towards lithium-ion batteries by presenting more details about the materials of choice for the anode/cathode together with their synthesis methods.


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  • Vocabulary
  • Electrochemical cell: the elementary building block of a battery
  • Porous electrodes
  • Electromotive force in an electrochemical cell
  • EMF, energy and measurable voltage of a cell
  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Lithium-insertion materials
  • Synthesis of Lithium-insertion materials
A basic general background knowledge on chemistry, physics, and math is required.
You learn with a digital and interactive learning management system that provides the materials for a seminar. You have access to learning modules and sequences, links and other files. This enables a proven basis for location-independent and effective learning.
This course is beneficial for process, quality, or design engineers who need to understand or apply battery design. It is also suitable for battery material suppliers and anyone interested in the working principle of a lithium-ion battery.
3 months access to all learning content, flexible time management possible
Duration: 4,5 learning hours
Number of lessons: 7 Flyer

This course will empower you to:

  • Name the main components of a battery and know their purpose
  • Summarise the main differences between lithium-ion batteries and other (earlier) types of rechargeable batteries
  • Measure, report, and understand the status of a battery using the common technical vocabulary in the battery community
  • Summarise what type of redox reactions happen at the anode and cathode of a cell
  • Understand why the voltage/electromotive force of different battery technologies are different
  • Summarise the state of the art active-materials in lithium-ion batteries
  • Relate the structure of a material to its performance in the battery

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